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I am going to use this blog as a way to give my political views and my fears for the way the country is headed.  I just turned 50 and am married to a wonderful lady named Lisa.  We have two happy kids, Ashley 11 and Brandon 8.  For most of my working life, I was in the computer field, starting out as a data entry clerk and working my way up to an IT Director for Chef’s Catalog by age 34.  Since then I bounced around a bit and learned how to fix computers.  About 10 years ago, I started a small side business repairing computers, and 18 months ago, Dave’s Computer Services went full time.  Being a small business owner has a lot of ups and downs, but for the first time in my life, I love my job and wouldn’t take a regular corporate job again.  The Corporations don’t care about you, and never will again until we fix things in this country.

Politically, I was always very naive.  I thought I was an Independent and would vote for who I thought was the best candidate.  I became politically active over the last 3 years and came to the realization that while I did not consider myself a Democrat or Republican, that I always voted for the Democrat and not once did I ever vote Republican.  Now that I have been paying attention and doing a lot of listening, reading and learning, I now understand why I am a Democrat.

It’s pretty simple and obvious to me, while everyone in both parties are flawed, that if you are a white Christian who is only looking out for themselves and afraid of anyone not like them, you are welcome in the Republican party.  Everyone else, myself being a Jew, is welcome to vote for a Republican, but otherwise is not wanted.  I don’t consider myself smart, but I do consider myself pretty sharp and for the most part, aware of what is going on around me.  The Dems are pretty much afraid to create waves, but they welcome everyone no matter or race, religion or sexual choice.  It blows my mind that people who the Republicans don’t like, and that includes women, will vote for them.  But they have a lot working for them, like Rupert Murdoch and his Fox network.  They push fear and lies using crazies like Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck and other’s to scare you that the sky is falling.

I don’t judge people by their looks, the old saying you can’t judge a book by it’s cover is true for me.  There are good and bad people in every race and religion.  Growing up, I was a homophobe, mostly because I was just naive and ignorant.  I now know that being gay is not a choice, it is something that is with one when he or she is born.  I have always been attracted to women with brown hair, we all have a type or types that we are attracted to, and I believe that is the same whether you are straight or gay.  I had to laugh a couple of nights ago as there was someone on TV from a group called gay Republicans or something to that effect.  Recently pretty much every Republican Senator blocked the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, so how then could any person who is gay vote for a group of people who don’t believe that gays should have equal rights as the rest of us.  Are there really that many stupid and ignorant people out there?  How is that possible?  I really feel that if you do your homework and listen to both sides, that unless you are one of the top 2 percent of the richest people in this country, that there is no way you can vote Republican, but every year I am proven wrong.

Thanks for reading this and please, do your homework and get out there and support candidates will help the US get back to where we should be, caring for each other and helping each other out.  All men and women truly are created equal.